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What is a welcoming community?

What is an “Autism Spectrum Disorder” preference?

We designed six apartments and one cottage with features that accommodate the needs of individuals with autism. With community partnerships, the community will provide solutions to common barriers that allow residents to live successfully in the Village. Since these units have been designed with this in mind, there is a preference for people on the ASD spectrum. The remaining 37 apartments and cottages do not have this preference.

Are there income restrictions for the ASD units?

To create a diverse community, the apartment and cottages with ASD preference will be a mix of Market Rate and Income Restricted.

What is Jeremiah Village’s relationship with Glade Run?

Glade Run is an important part of the Jeremiah Village community. Through their role of Supportive Services provider, Glade Run will have a staff available several hours a week to provide support to individual residents and community building opportunities. Additionally, Glade Run provides training to Jeremiah Village staff and an orientation to residents so everyone is informed about Autism Spectrum disorders.

What are the special features of this unit?

Apartments and cottages with the preference will have high resistance hardware, quieter utilities (toilet, fan vent, HVAC), dimmer switches on lights, and light blocking curtains. All alarms will be audio and visual to alert tenants of any issues inside the apartment or cottage. The common areas of the apartment complex will have noise reduction carpet, utilize paint and accent colors to differentiate spaces and floor levels and spacious laundry rooms.